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Jennilee Marigomen

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El Lessitzky Poster, for Mart Museum, Design: Thomas Kronbichler, Martin Kerschbaumer. Not realized. So So Sorry.

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A group of us will be exhibiting at The Car Park in Fulham next week, before it’s finally demolished. It will be our final hurrah for what has become a very special place to us. We are all making new work to show you. Please come join us, it would be great to see you there!

DWELL ft. Benjamin Bowe-Carter · Alice Bowsher · Rosie Brand · Alex Broome-Nicholson · Edward Cheverton · Rory Cahill · Theo Davies · Freddie de Stefano · Fionn Duffy · Nick Edwards · Chris Harnan · Harvey Herman · Jack Kindred-Boothby · Elliot Kruszynski · Rachel McGivern · Philippe Nash · Joe Nava · Wai Wai Pang · Catherine Repko· Sam Quinton · Hannah Rose Whittle

Brood about brood over, muse on mull over, by your self and by your others, for better or for worse, too long, too short, too much, enough.

Dwell is an exhibition made up of the work of recent graduates of multiple disciplines. It centres around the mental states of the exhibitors, having recently left the reliable lives they led at their respective universities. The work advertises varying levels of insecurity and doubt, as their makers try to start a conversation about their own mindsets, on their own journeys, towards their own ideas of success and comfort.


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Pre-adventures with Kayla

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me, shivering like struck brass

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A Werewolf, Mid-Transformation 1

Gonna serialize this weekly until it’s finished - maybe 30 or so weeks’ worth of pages? It will eventually appear in Lose #7.

Sticks Angelica, Folk Hero returns this weekend.

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I’m in this. If you’re in or near Philly, come by and say hi.

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